NIS Denies 20 travelers Boarding, Reunite Another Special Need Returnee With Family at MMIA

In the last one week the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) has stopped at least 20 Nigerians from travelling out of the country through the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos.

According to a source, some of the travelers stopped, could not give tangible reasons for wanting to travel out and details of their travels.

While others could not provide documents to support their claims while it was observed that some of them used agents to perfect their papers to travel out by all means.

Also the NIS, MMIA Command on Teusday, received and reunited another passenger with special needs, Motunde Oluwatobi Victoria with her family members at the airport.

Reports stated that Motunde had been in Saudi Arabia since 2018 and engaged as a house maid, returned aboard Egypt Air at 1:30pm on Tuesday with incoherent speech, which prompted the command to search for her family members.

Just as the officials of immigration discovered that Motunde had special needs, they searched for her family contact through the social media and were able to locate her immediate older sister, Titilope Deborah Babatunde.

According to a source; “Motunde, who was born in 1992 came back from Saudi Arabia looking very troubled, not cohesive in her statement. Because of the state she was, immigration decided not to let her go on the streets just like that.

“The service had to take time to search frantically for the family members through the social media because she had no phone number of any of her siblings. She was not in a stable condition. In fact, the immigration had to play the humanitarian role by reuniting her with her family members.”

Also, Motunrayo’s sister, Titilope, lauded officials of immigration at the airport for reuniting her with her sister.

She confirmed that Motunrayo who had been in Saudi Arabia since 2018 was engaged as a house maid in that country, stressing that she got wind of her health challenge about two weeks ago through another Nigerian based in that country.

“I am very grateful to the immigration service, MMIA Command for reuniting me with my sister. Initially when I received the call, I concluded that it was a scammer at work. What immigration has done has further reinvigorated my belief about Nigeria. It shows that to some extent, we are still secure in Nigeria. If not for the immigration, I will not know that my sister has been brought back to Nigeria. We will still think she was in Saudi Arabia,” she said.


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