No layoffs, furloughs on Oct. 1, South West Airlines CEO Assures Workers

South West CEO Gary Kelly has assured workers that the airline will not furlough or lay off any of its employees on Oct. 1. This was revealed through a letter sent to workers yesterday.

The airline agreed not to lay off or furlough workers until Oct. 1 as part of a $25 billion aid package from the federal government due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This follows the US CARES Act’s requires, that airlines should not make any furloughs until September 30. Other airlines like American and Delta have already warned employees about lay-offs following October 1st.

WN has reportedly received US$3.2bn of this fund.

Kelly wrote “I want you all to know we will not furlough or layoff any Southwest employees on October 1, unlike our major competitors.”

“Further, we have no intentions of seeking furloughs, layoffs, pay rate cuts, or benefits cuts through at least the end of this year.”

Kelly acknowledged that while he “can’t guarantee it will never happen,” he promised it will be “the last thing we do to keep Southwest financially healthy and viable.”

“You all have helped to build the greatest airline in history, and I value and appreciate every single one of you,” Kelly added. “You are the reason we are prepared for the siege ahead, and you are the ones who can dig us out of this crisis. I can never thank you enough.”


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