Qatar Airways Cargo Devotes a Million kilos of Capacity to Charities

QATAR Airways Cargo has donated one million kilos of its capacity to some customers who in turn are passing on the benefit to charities of their choice.

The gesture is resulting in the free air cargo movements of hundreds of humanitarian aid shipments across the world.

Between July and December of this year, a number of charitable organisations will be able to utilise capacity on the carrier’s 28 dedicated freighters to transport urgently needed medical supplies and equipment free-of-charge, explains a statement.

The freight division’s new ‘One Million Kilos’ campaign is part of a wider ambitious sustainability project called We Qare, which is built on “four fundamental pillars of sustainability – economy, environment, society and culture – and is designed to create a positive impact on the industry and the world,” says the statement.

Guillaume Halleux, chief officer of cargo at Qatar Airways, points out: “This action was triggered by the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic is a tragedy for millions of people, and we looked for ways how we, as an airline, could help those in the greatest difficulty.

“This solution – shipping one million kilos of cargo free of charge – is a firm commitment by QR Cargo. More than just words, we wanted to act and to adopt a comprehensive approach based on actions for the future,” he says.

The airfreight industry must change in line with the new challenges the world is facing, concludes the statement. “QR Cargo is pioneering the future, sustainable and socially responsible air cargo industry,” the statement adds.


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