Qatar Airways Re-imposes Strict Curfew on Flight Crew

Qatar Airways is putting every necessary measures into action for the safety of not just the customers but its workers. The carrier announced an extended 10-hour overnight curfew for their cabin crew staying in their accommodations of Doha, Qatar. The airline cites failure to comply with local health policies by some employees.

Before the strike of COVID-19, cabin crew members of the Gulf airline usually  stay inside the Doha facility from 4am to 7am, but that has changed, as it has been extended by nine hours, meaning that the curfew is now active from 9pm until 7am.

Also, the airline has asked the staff to “refrain from participating in any gatherings or social events of any kind either within, or outside the company premises, whilst government-imposed COVID-19 precautionary measures are in place.

This was communicated via an internal email sent by Qatar’s senior vice president of cabin services, Saliya Karunanayake.

Qatar says the extended curfew is motivated by “several instances” of employees failing to comply with the governmental measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Cabin crew members are far from ecstatic, with some questioning the effectiveness of the curfew in containing the spread of coronavirus.


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