Residents Flock Across Queenland Border Ahead Of Covid-19 Lockdown.

A number of Queensland suburbs have been on high alert after two women allegedly lied at the border after arriving from Melbourne, where they are believed to have contracted coronavirus.

Olivia Winnie Muranga and Diana Lasu have been identified as the patients diagnosed on Wednesday after returning to south-east Queensland from Melbourne on July 21.They have been charged with providing false or misleading documents and fraud.Another Queenslander also tested positive on Friday after being linked to a venue visited by the women.

As a result, More than 8,000 people have flown into Queensland from NSW ahead of the state’s border slamming  shut.Airlines added 17 additional flights between Sydney and Brisbane on Friday to deal with increased demand.Thousands more have also flocked across the border by road.

Queensland on Wednesday added Greater Sydney to its list of COVID-19 hotspots, locking millions more NSW residents out of the state.The new rules come into effect at 1am on Saturday.

In the past 24 hours, 49 air passengers and 2,500 vehicles have been turned back at the border.Twenty-one new COVID-19 cases were identified in NSW overnight, bringing the state’s total to 3,567.The lockout hopes to allow the state to focus on its own impending coronavirus crisis.

Health authorities have warned there could be a number of cases to follow.“We don’t know where this virus could be,” Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said“At any point today in Queensland today, we could have cases pop up.”

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