Singapore Airline Outlines Modified Inflight Services

Singapore Airlines has announced numerous updates to its overall hygiene standards and inflight services, to ensure the health of its customers at every point in the passenger journey. The move comes as SIA prepares its return to the skies after securing green-lane arrangements with China and Australia.

Named the #SIACares initiative, these measures will target the pre-flight stage, at the airport, onboard flights, and upon landing. According to a statement sent to Simple Flying, the airline has provided a detailed e-brochure that will also be disseminated before flights.

Singapore Airlines’ announcement introduces a range of newly implemented measures to keep its health standards in tip-top condition. Furthermore, the actions advocate for as minimal human contact as possible.

At SilverKris lounges, a-la-carte meals will be provided in place of the usual buffet service. Moving forward, it will be a common sight to see SIA staff donning masks and gloves too.

There will be extensive cleaning and fogging for aircraft after each flight. Every common area will be attended to, and passengers can be assured that they will receive new headsets, headrest covers, pillows, and blankets on their flight. An area that most are concerned about are lavatories – and SIA ensures that contactless faucets and anti-bacterial hand-wash will be included.

Beginning March, every SIA aircraft has installed High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. These HEPA filters are a recurrent effect of the coronavirus that most airlines have gone on to implement.

Last month, SIA announced that passengers would be required to bring their masks to wear onboard. Now, the airline has revised the rule. Each traveler will instead receive a Care Kit, equipped with a mask, hand sanitizer, and hand wipes.

Onboard, cabin crew will don face masks and eye goggles during meal service. Only snack bags will be served for flights within Southeast Asia and to Mainland China. On long-haul flights, first class and business class passengers can expect a single tray meal instead of a table layout service.

As mentioned by Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong,

“These initiatives help to ensure that, amid the Covid-19 outbreak, our industry-leading health and safety standards remain an integral part of SIA’s world-class service promise.

To reduce any sort of contact with inflight services, the airline has chosen to utilize digital avenues. New mobile apps will allow a fuss-free contactless journey should passengers feel like viewing inflight entertainment or seatback literature.

For instance, via the Singapore Airlines’ mobile app, passengers can access “more than 150 international newspapers, magazines, and other reading material.”

A novel Companion application, on the other hand, will let passengers operate the KrisWorld inflight entertainment system directly from their phones.

Concerning the enhanced tech options, CEO Goh Choon Phong explains that,

“We are also working on a variety of new digital solutions that would further enhance the customer experience, as well as support our health and safety initiatives. These will allow SIA to better meet the evolving expectations of our customers during these times.”

In the coming months, the flag carrier will likely introduce an app for digital food ordering in lounges and an e-menu when onboard flights. Additionally, the airline hopes to use their official app to allow customers to print their boarding passes in a contactless manner.

As aforementioned, green-lane arrangements with China and Australia has been established. Hence, essential travel between the countries stated will resume in June. For Australia, flights to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane will resume.

On top of that, Singapore is in discussions with other nations such as Malaysia, New Zealand, and South Korea to implement similar agreements. Undeniably, as Singapore begins to open its borders gradually, SIA will ramp up its flight schedule to accommodate travel demands.

As reported in TODAY, Singapore and China’s green lane travel has commenced . Travelers are required to undergo two swab tests – one upon boarding and another when they have reached their destination.

However, leisure travelers from Singapore might have to wait a few more months before any such flights resume.

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