Singapore Airlines Converts Airbus A380 Into A Restaurant

Following the trend, where airlines across the world launch and operates “flights to nowhere,” Singapore Airlines took a step further to spice the event in a revolutionary new way, by converting its Airbus A380 into a restaurant.

Which in turn, would serve as an avenue for increase cash flow to sustain the airline from COVID-19 pandemic challenges. While the airline has decided to not continue its own flights to nowhere, it rather introduced new ways to earn some cash while also giving would-be travelers something to settle their travel hunger.

The most notable of the airline’s three new, innovative programs is the ability to eat onboard one of the airline’s Airbus A380 aircraft. The airline currently has all but one of its fleet of 19 double-decker aircraft in storage, giving the airline the fleet flexibility to convert an aircraft into a temporary restaurant.

The A380 restaurant will be open to diners on Oct. 24 and Oct. 25 with reservations opening on Oct. 12. Patrons will select which cabin they wish to dine in, but other details, including prices, are not fully available at the time of filling this report. There will be a special Peranakan menu created specifically for the event, and restaurant goers will receive special discounts and a goodie bag.

In addition to the conversion of an aircraft to a restaurant, passengers who miss the Singapore Airlines in-flight service will be able to order meals, crafted by Singapore Airlines’ chefs, to their homes.

Each delivered meal will feature the carrier’s famous satay dish along with a select choice of wine or champagne. Those who pay slightly extra can hire a private chef to specially reheat the airline’s meal upon arrival to their house.

Those wishing to stay away from airplane food but still want to experience some sense of travel will be able to book a tour of Singapore Airlines’ Training Centre. There will be four days of tours spanning the last two weekends in November. Attendees will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes with the airline and speak to pilots and cabin crew. They will also have the ability to see simulators used during the airline’s training process.

In-flight meals will be available to purchase on the tours. Additional options including flying training simulators, wine tastings and even the opportunity for young children to experience what it is like to be a business class cabin crew member on Singapore’s A380s.

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