Spain Records New Covid-19 Outbreaks Since it Eased Lockdown Restrictions and Opened Border For Tourists

Spain has been hit with new coronavirus outbreak after lifting the lockdown ban and allowed foreign Nationals into their country for tourism and other official/ personal reasons.

It is recorded that beach in Barcelona, a wedding in Tudela, a Redcross centre in Malaga,dinner parties, sports events and a summer language school are short listed as places with large number of people clustering in recent weeks, leaving the health officials scrambling to carry out mass tests.

Spain on Friday  said that it had identified 5,695 new cases within seven days and 2,944 a week earlier since the easing of lockdown. The spike has enforced some areas to re-impose restrictions of movement, just as Spain is starting to welcome tourists including British holiday makers.

Local authorities have been given powers to take emergency measures such as closing beaches and imposing curfews if necessary.


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