Stakeholders In The International Aviation Industry

Association and Unions are organizations/ regulatory bodies set to control, regulate, manage and ensure the safety of aviation industry.

The role of aviation organization has been recognized all over the globe, reason why there are wide variety and large number of associations/ unions ranging from local, national and international.

Aviation organizations sole responsibilities are to ensure quality, high standard flight services and travel safety.

All sectors or division in the aviation industry has a union / association binding them, starting from airlines, CEO’s, pilots, flight attendant and so many others.

Let us take a look at some aviation associations and their roles:


  • IFLAPA: International Federation of Airline Pilot Association
  • ALPA: Air Line Pilots Association
  • AOPA: Air Craft Owners and Pilots Association
  • APS: Allied Pilots Association
  • BALPA: British Airline Pilots Association

 International Federation of Airline Pilot Associations (IFLAPA), is an organization founded in 1948 and managed by Christoph Schewe.

Responsible to promote high level of aviation safety worldwide and global advocate of the pilots.

It is an independent and non-profit international organization, financed by its members.


  • AFA: Association of Flight Attendants
  • APFA: Association of Professional Flight Attendants
  • AFA: FARSA: Flight Attendants and Related Services Association

 Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), is a union focused on 100% flight attendant issues. AFA is the leader and advocate in advancing the flight attendant profession for 72 years now. They are responsible for negotiating better pay, due benefits, work rules and better working conditions.

AFA was founded on August 22, 1945, headquarters in Washington D.C., United States. And Association of professional flight attendants (APFA)


  • IATA: International Air Transport Association
  • ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organisation
  • AFRAA: African Airline Association

 International Air Transport Association (IATA), is an international trade body, founded in 1945 with its headquarters located at Geneva Le-Grand-saconnex, has 1001-500 employees.

IATA is responsible for air travel, shipping. Serves as intermediary between airlines and passengers and cargo agents. IATA ensures the operational safety of airlines, represents aviation interest areas of training, consulting, auditing, intelligence and statics, airline distribution and air traffic management. IATA is managed under the leadership of Alexandre De Juniac.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is an intergovernmental agency in association with the United Nations (UN), established I 1947. ICAO is dedicated in developing safe and efficient international air transport for peaceful purposes and also provide all state the ample opportunity to operate international airlines. ICAO headquarters is situated in Montreal, Canada.


  • ACI: Airport Council International
  • FAAN: Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
  • AOA: Airports Operators Association
  • AAAE: American Association of Airport Executives.

 Airport Council International (ACI) is the only global trade representative of the world’s airport, founded in 1991.

ACI represents airports interest with governments and international organizations, such as ICAO. IT develops standard policies for airports and provides information and training opportunities to raise standards around the globe. FAA


  • FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
  • NATA: National Air Transportation Association
  • GAMA: General Aviation Manufacturers Association

 Federal aviation administration (FAA) is a regulatory body for all the nation’s civil aviation activities, including management of air traffic in U.S. Airspace.

FAA issues and enforces regulations covering manufacturing, operating and maintaining of aircrafts and also certifies airmen and airports that serve carriers.

FAA conduct research and develops systems and procedures need for safe and efficient system of air navigation and traffic controls.

FAA was founded in August 23 1958 by the United States congress and managed by Stephen Dickson, the headquarters is in Washington D.C, United States.

These are some regulatory association/ unions guiding and binding the different aviation sectors in the aviation industry Internationally.


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