Stakeholders In The Nigerian Aviation Industry

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is headed by a Director General Capt. Musa Nuhu. It’s the regulatory body in the aviation sector empowered by the 2006 Civil Aviation Act to regulate aviation safety without political interference and also to carry out oversight functions of airports, airspace, meteorological services as well as economic regulations of the aviation industry.
NCAA functions are:
•Regulation of aircraft operations
•Monitoring of aircraft operating environment for safety and security
•Regulates the method of entry and conduct of air transport business
•Advises the ministry and government on policy formulation on aviation related matters
•Licensing of Aviation Personnel and Aviation Training Institution
•Enforcement of aviation rules and regulations in line with ICAO SARPs.

Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) is headed by a Managing Director in the name of Engr. Rabiu Yadudu FAAN is a service provider statutorily charged to manage all Commercial Airports in Nigeria and provide service to both passenger and airlines.
FAAN’s Functions are:
•To develop, provide and maintain Airports and its facilities.
•To charge for services provided by the authority at airports.
•To provide adequate conditions under which passengers and goods may be carried by air and under which aircraft may be used for other gainful purposes.
•To provide accommodation and other facilities for the effective handling of passengers and freight.
•To provide adequate facilities and personnel for effective security at all airport.
•To carry out at the airports (either by itself or by an agent or in partnership with any other person) economic activities that are relevant to airport.
•To develop and provide facilities for surface transportation within airport.

Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) headed by a Managing Director Capt. Fola Akintuotu. NAMA is a service provider statutorily charged to provide air navigation services with the mandate to manage the Nigerian airspace to a level consistent with ICAO SARPs.
NAMA’s Functions are to:
•Provide air traffic services in Nigeria, including air traffic control, visual and non-visual aids and aeronautical telecommunication services
•Provide navigation services necessary for the operation of aircraft taking-off and landing and integrate them into the overall of air traffic within the Nigerian airspace;
•Minimize or prevent interference with the use or effectiveness of all apparatus used in connection with air navigation and for prohibiting or regulating the use of all such apparatus and display of signs and lights liable to endanger aircraft and endanger the use of Nigerian airspace;
•Generally secure the safety, efficiency and regularity of air navigation;
•Provide adequate facilities and personnel for effective security of navigational aids outside the airport perimeters;
•Procure, install and maintain adequate communication, navigation and surveillance and air traffic management facilities at all airports in Nigeria.
•Ensure an effective co-ordination in the use of Nigerian airspace in line with established.

Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) is headed by a Commissioner in the name of  Engr Akinola Olateru. AIB is charged with the responsibility for the investigation of civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents within Nigeria with the intent of making safety recommendation to prevent recurrence of similar accident in future.
AIB Functions are:
•To conduct investigation into any accident or incident arising out of or in the course of air navigation and either occurring in or over Nigeria or occurring elsewhere as applicable to an aircraft registered in Nigeria or operated by Nigerian operator
•To gather record and analyze relevant information on air safety data, in particular, for accident or incident prevention purposes, in so far as those functions do not affect its independence and entail no responsibility in regulatory, administrative or standards matters
•To issue safety recommendations.
•To determine the causes and/or contributory cause of an accident.
•To compile, complete, publicize the Final report of any accident or incident.

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) headed by a Managing Director in the name of Prof.Sani Mashi .NIMET has the mandate to advise government on all aspects of meteorology (weather and climate) and to provide services to various sectors of the national economy.
•NIMET provides the information and forecast on the weather in Nigeria.
•Advice the Government and also the general public on issues related to weather and climate.

 Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) is headed by a Rector Capt. Abdulsalami Mohammed.. NCAT is responsible for performing training on Aviation personnel.
NCAT functions are:
•Civil Aviation courses for use in flight training or airport operations & management as may be prescribed from time to time.
•Training of approved persons in the installation, maintenance and operation, as the case may be, of technical equipment, the use of which is calculated or likely to increase the margin of operational safety of civil aircrafts.
•Training on equipment and necessary facilities for technical research or normal use.


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