Tanzania CAA Strategic Plan To Reposition Aviation In Tanzania

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) new Strategic Plan (SP) which is expected to be out in 2021 is set to redefine the civil aviation industry and enhance industry support to the national development towards Tanzania’s objective of being a middle income and industrialized nation by the year 2025.

The TCAA Director General, Mr. Hamza S. Johari,who spoke at the second working group for development of the five years strategic plan from 2021- 2026, reveals that the new strategy will address industry-critical issues which will enable the industry to move forward.

“This is a very crucial exercise that must facilitate the Authority to achieve its strategic objective and achieve its vision by ensuring that each and every staff is involved and own the plan,” Mr. Johari notes.

The DGTCAA adds that the new plan will incorporate all critical industry issues including the improvement of business process, improvement of Air Navigation Services (ANS), paradigm shift of TCAA staff thinking just to mention some.

Also, the Authority Planning Manager, Mellania Kasese, says the Authority has managed to achieve 93 percent of performance of the previous five years strategic plan whereby a total of 122 out of 150 activities that were planned during the time, have been implemented and achieved.

Source: aviationbusinessjournalaero

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