Flying first class can be very luxurious. Flying in your own private jet is a whole other level of luxury though. But of these world leaders, their transport is a step up again. Many countries use their own private jets to move leaders around, but which are the best, most luxurious aircraft used by heads of state? Here’s our top five.

Saudi Arabia

Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia is well-known for spending over $500 million on a mega Airbus A380 to be his private plane for state visits. The plane was effectively a five-star hotel with wings. Unfortunately, he had to sell the plane known as The Flying Palace and make do with an equally luxurious Boeing 747.

The Boeing can carry 100 passengers at a time and even has room for a throne. There is a huge dining table to host dinner parties on board as well as a lounge, private suites, and even a glass chandelier. While there is not much room for offices or meetings, the jet is none-the-less very impressive. And expensive.Apparently, the original plan was to include a whirlpool, hot tub-style bath but this never materialized. Sham


Germany’s Konrad Adenauer may be slightly less famous than its American equivalent, Air Force One, but the aircraft itself is no less luxurious. Carrying almost 150 passengers, the specially modified Airbus A340-313X VIP cost over $300 million to fit.

Clearly no expense was spared. There are luxurious bedrooms, suites, offices, lounges and even a sound-proof room. Although I’m not entirely sure what for. Not only did they go all out with the modern comforts, as per the true German style, but the aircraft is also super well organized. They found room for an extra fuel tank to take its range up to 13,500 km. The entire fleet of aircraft can be repurposed within a few days to be used as field hospitals in an emergency. That’s German efficiency for you.

german chancellor plane getty images
German Chancellor Angela Merkel was famously late arriving at a G8 summit in 2018 when her aircraft experienced technical difficulties. Photo: Getty Images


Costing an estimated $250million, the president of Kazakhstan has an entire fleet of modified Airbus planes at his disposal. The biggest and most luxurious are the Airbus A330-243 Prestige, the A320-214 CJ Prestige, and the A321-211 CJ.

The most commonly used of these is the Airbus A330-243 Prestige which carries 50 passengers and has a top speed of 1,053 kilometers per hour. With full 5-star onboard facilities including beds, offices, lounges and top tech, it’s no wonder it’s the president’s aircraft of choice. The plane is equipped with everything a hotel has but with the freedom of the skies. The president uses his Airbus for only the most important events such as the G20 summit.


Of course, no list of presidential planes would be complete without mentioning Air Force One. The Boeing VC-25 is actually a heavily modified 747-200B airliner. And while it may have the most famous call sign in the world, you may not know that Air Force One is actually not an aircraft.

The president of the United States actually has two VC-25 aircraft at his command. The tail numbers are 28000 and 29000. However, an aircraft is only allowed to use the famous call sign when the president steps on board.

Each aircraft can fly a distance of 7,800 miles and can carry up to 70 passengers. Spread across two floors there is plenty of space to the president’s private suite complete with shower, an official office, a medial annex, a conference room, and a treadmill. There are also 87 phones on board as well as 19 televisions.Some of the décor may be a little dated, but with two new aircraft on order to replace the planes, Air Force One may be about to get a lot fancier. Although apparently there are costing almost $5 billion to build!


If you like the sound of having your own private jet, now’s your chance. The aircraft designed and used by former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is for sale. The current president doesn’t believe the “world’s most expensive plane” fits with his government’s money-saving policies, which is fair enough.

If you do have some spare change lying around, it is rumored to be on the market for just $130 million. A great deal considering it apparently cost over $600 million to make. The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner comes with a lounge, a master bedroom with full en-suite facilities, several desks and a range of gadgets. There’s also a fireplace – which seems risky.

Mexican president plane getty images
Rumored to be the most expensive plane in the world, this Boeing 787 Dreamliner could be yours. Photo: Getty Images

The Dreamliner can fly for over 10,000 miles at peak performance and can carry over 250 passengers. So if you’re looking for a plane for you and 249 of your closest friends, the Mexican government is looking for a buyer, otherwise this beautiful aircraft will be repurposed.

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