The World’s Most Powerful Aircraft Engines

When making/buying of mechanical and electrical machines either manual or automatics just like cars and the rest. Engines is on the top list of important things to look out for. Same thing when it comes to making an aircraft, engine design is the top of the list for any manufacturer.

A Powerful and efficient engines is considered, that will enable aircraft travel for long distances with a lower fuel consumption, which is a key factor for airlines.

The most powerful plane engines are found on widebody aircraft and on twin-engine jets, due to the need for more thrust on twin-engine planes. A look at some of the engines.

GE90-94B – 93,700lbf

The first on the list is GE9X but not in commercial use. The engine will be featured in the upcoming 777X  aircraft.

GE90-115B – 115,300lbf

Second on the list is the GE90, which can be found on the popular 777 aircraft and one of the most commercially successful widebody engines to date . The engine came into service in 1995 with the British Airways 777-200. Multiple variants of the GE90 are in service. The most powerful ones are the GE90-115B and -110B which are found on the 777-300ER and 777-200LR and 777F respectively.

The GE90-115B can offer an impressive 127,900 lbf of maximum thrust, although it is certified at 115,000 lbf (hence the name). The improved efficiency of these variants (over the GE90-94B) allowed airlines to launch new long-haul routes such as Doha to Auckland, and expand services.

PW4000 112 – 74,000lbf to 90,000lbf

Third on the list is Pratt & Whitney with its popular PW4000 series, which is also found on the A330, 767, and 747.

The PW400-112 offered up to 99,000 lbf of maximum thrust, however, it remains certified for 90,000 lbf.

Trent XWB – 75,000 – 97,000lbf

Fourth on the list is the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB, exclusively powering the popular Airbus A350 model. There are two variants of this engine in service, the XWB-84 and XWB-97, which power the A350-900s and A350-1000, respectively. The engine came into service in 2015 with Qatar Airways on the first A350.

The XWB-97 is the more powerful of the two variants and offers 97,000 lbf of maximum thrust,  The Trent XWB is also considered one of the most efficient engines ever built, which allows the A350 to start a new generation of ultra-long-haul flights such as Project Sunrise and Singapore Airlines’ New York to Singapore service.The XWB-84, with 84,000 lbf of thrust, which is found on the A350-900 family, is the one used on ultra-long-haul routes due to its unparalleled fuel efficiency.

Another of Rolls-Royce’s engine is Trent 800. The engine first came into service with Thai Airways in 1996, the last of the three engine providers.

The Trent 800 featured an impressive 95,000 lbf of maximum thrust, making it one of the most powerful engines at the time. Rolls-Royce also boasted that the Trent 800 was the lightest of all three 777 engine options, increasing aircraft efficiency.

Similarly, four-engine aircraft also have multiple high-efficiency engines rather than higher thrust engines. The most recent quadjet, the 747-8 comes with four GEnx engines, with the older A380 comes with four GP7000 engines (with a maximum thrust of 74,700 lbf). Culled from simpleflying.

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