U.S Air Force Pilot Ejected Safely Before Aircraft Crashed in Afghanistan

A U.S Air Force pilot escaped death Yesterday, as he safely ejected before an Afghan Air Force A-29 super Tucano aircraft he was flying crashed in Afghanistan, during a July 9, training.

While the the cause of the crash is being investigated, preliminary indications show that mechanical isseues could be the cause of the crash incident. U.S Forces revealed that the pilot was recovered in a safe condition.

The turboprop A-29, provided by Embraer and Sierra Nevada Corp., is the Afghan Air Force’s main light attack aircraft used for close air support. It has two seats and can be flown by one pilot.

According to the U.S Forces, this is the first A-29 crash since June 22, 2018 incident that claimed a pilot’s life, near Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., during the Air Force’s own experiment with light attack aircraft.


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