UK Government Urged To Be Clear On Quarantine Rules

The chief executive of easyJet holidays, Garry Wilson, has called on the UK government to review its approach to quarantine rules.He urged authorities to work more closely with the industry to avoid the confusion and instability of last-minute changes seen in recent days.

“After months of uncertainty as travel restrictions were lifted, we saw encouraging signs of growing demand for holidays.Unfortunately, the recent unstructured re-imposition of quarantine for Spain is creating renewed uncertainty and unpredictability for consumers.We encourage the government to work collaboratively with the industry to deliver a more targeted and structured approach.” he said

“We need targeted quarantine requirements for regions where spikes have occurred rather than applied at a national level.In the case of Spain its islands are hundreds of miles from the mainland and have very low infection rates with the Canaries, for example, as low as two per 100,000 in the past seven days which is significantly lower than the UK.”Wilson further said.

Spain was unexpectedly removed from the safe travel list for British holidaymakers over the weekend, meaning visitors are expected to isolate for two weeks on return from any trip.

The move has been widely condemned by the industry, and led to confusion among travellers.

“We want to work with the government to find a way forward which can help customers plan their next break with confidence,” continued Wilson.

“The recent situation with Spain has again demonstrated how difficult it is for both the industry and holidaymakers to plan along with hotel and destinations partners needing to make challenging decisions about their businesses and employees where they so heavily rely on tourism.

“For these reasons I urge the government to have an open dialogue with the industry and quickly move to targeted and regional measures so that we can all stay safe and enjoy a much-deserved summer holiday.” He concluded.


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