United Airlines Announces Policy Changes After Social Media Images Show Packed Flight

United Airlines on Monday announced policy changes to help customers maintain social distancing via a twitter account.

This came after images of crowded flights went viral on social media.

Ethan Weiss, a doctor from San Francisco, tweeted a photo showing doctors, nurses and medical staff returning to the West Coast on a packed United flight after caring for coronavirus patients in New York.

The policy changes will allow customers to rebook flights if their flight is too crowded to maintain proper social distancing.

“Starting next week, customers on flights that are expected to be closer to full capacity can rebook on a different flight or receive a travel credit,” the company said. “We’ll do our best to reach out about 24 hours before departure and we’ll also provide options at the gate.”

Other passengers have also posted images of crowded flights and airports in recent days, and overcrowding is something that airlines will have to deal with moving forward.


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