United Airlines Plane Searched by K9 Units After a Passenger Made a Bomb Threat Onboard

A United Airlines flight 2304 from Los Angeles was stopped and searched by the K9 unit police on the tarmac, at Newark Liberty Airport after a passenger(woman) stood up and said “i thought there was a bomb on board.

The flight crew reported one of the passengers had made a threat, (name not disclosed) on United Flight 2304 arriving at the New Jersey airport just after 4.30pm had threatened there was a bomb on board.

According to a source. Police believe the woman was high on marijuana chewables and Adderall and was hospitalized.

The pilot announced the passenger made a comment about a bomb on the plane, The Lakewood Scoop reported. The website posted video of officers boarding the plane, and of police dogs sniffing the luggage, which was placed on the tarmac outside.

United Airlines spokeswoman Kimberly Gibbs referred the incident as an “onboard medical emergency,” and offered no specifics about the alleged threat.

“During the medical emergency onboard, the passenger made a remark which created a potential security concern,”

“The flight landed safely and the customer was transported to a local hospital.”


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