Uruguay Reopens Borders with the European Union

Uruguay’s Minister of Tourism, Germán Cardoso, on Tuesday announced that Uruguay will reopen its borders for tourism to European Union citizens. This decision was made after the resumption operations between Madrid and Montevideo in July worked positively.

According to report, Uruguay’s borders will be opened to its citizens residing abroad, foreigners with residence or anyone who demonstrate economic interests in the country, excepting for tourist purposes.

The announcement is in line with the government’s stance to reopen borders with the policy “healthy point to healthy point.” The minister said at a press conference that opening routes with any country in the region is not being analyzed at this time.

In a recent declaration to Portal de América, Germán Cardoso indicated that there were only 4 passengers that tested positive to COVID-19 and detected on time from 2880 passengers that have arrived to Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo since July.

“With the same requirements when the country’s doors were opened for Iberia and Air Europa flights to transport Uruguayan citizens, legal residents, and foreigners in exceptional cases, tourists arriving from the European Union will be allowed to entry Uruguay”, stated the Minister.

Within the framework of its Smart Health Travel project, Carrasco International Airport had strict health security measures and protocols with the advice of a multidisciplinary team of experts. The airport followed the guidelines of international organizations such as IATA, ICAO and WHO, and in permanent coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, both for the definition of the most effective measures and protocols and for their correct application. Additional measures established by the authorities to control migration into Uruguay were added to the mentioned procedures.

Within the requirements for entering Uruguay, passengers are required to submit a negative result to the COVID-19 test (PCR-RT) carried out up to 72 hours before entering the country. If the passenger does not present the negative result of the test or it is invalid, the test is performed upon arrival. After arrival, tourists will remain in quarantine for seven days, on the seventh day, another test (PCR) must be carried out, otherwise, they will remain in quarantine for 14 days since landing.

It is important to mention that last July 1, the European Union reopened borders, announcing that Uruguay was, and still, is the only country in Latin America whose citizens and residents have access to the countries of the Union.

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