US evacuation flight turned around as nationals forced to remain in Nigeria

218 nationals of the United States who were set for evacuation from Nigeria had their hopes of leaving dashed  after their flight was cancelled and  forced to return back while enroute due to crew illegality issues.

The evacuation flight, a Boeing 767-200 with Registration N207AX/1005 operated by Omni Air International was supposed to arrive the country 0515UTC around 0615 local time but the Captain Crabb Michael Ray was asked to turn around

After going through check-in and  waiting long hours at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos the united States nationals who were due to travel yesterday were stamped back after being stamped out for travel.

A letter sighted, dated 3rd April, 2020 LFS 300320-033/13 which copied the United States Embassy Abuja read in part,” We hereby write to inform you of the cancellation of the flight with details below….”

“The operator has advised while the aircraft was enroute that the aircraft was forced to return back due to crew illegality issues without further delay.”

The US  evacuees  wore sad faces when they were informed by the authorities that the evacuation flight may not land due to certain reasons not known to them.  The passengers were seen collecting their baggage from the arrival baggage belts with the plan to go back home.

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