US Regional Carrier ‘Republic Airways’ Plans To Warn Staff Of 40% Furlough

A US based regional airline operating as Republic Airways is preparing to send a warning notices to its workforce about a 40% furlough ahead of the September 30th sunset date for federal aid. The airline flies regional jets on behalf of major US airlines.

The carrier, best known as the actual airline David Dao was flying under the United Express banner when he was dragged off an aircraft and bloodied in Chicago three years ago, had the foresight to game the CARES Act and circumvent the intent of Congress by firing employees before taking payroll support money while receiving funds based on its full payroll – and pocketing the difference. (The CARES Act required carriers to keep their employees at full rate of pay through September 30th – once they had accepted the funds.)

The notice to 40% of its workforce is comprised of pilots, maintenance personnel, administrative and operational employees, and flight attendants. Those furloughs would be expected to come from October 1st.

Federal law requires large employers like airlines to provide a 60-day notice of furloughs. These WARN notices meet that requirement. Receiving a WARN notice does not mean that a job is being cut. It does, however, mean that a position may be reduced. Essentially, it is a warning to be prepared for the potential of a furlough, but not necessarily a guarantee that a person’s job will not exist

.Furloughing 40% of the airline’s workforce would be a massive blow to the airline. While the carrier will be emerging smaller from the current crisis, the airline will not be 40% smaller.

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