Vacation or holiday is a leave of absence from the regular occupation schedule (business, school, work) or a trip for recreation, tourism, relaxation. Vacation are sometimes observed during a specific government or public holiday, summer and festive periods. Vacations are more often spent with family and friends which helps in bringing them together, create bond, good vibes and good lasting memories.
The idea of going for vacation is a recent invention that has come to stay as people now understand the need to take some time off from their busy and stressful schedules to cool off, relax their mind, think, and strategize on new ideas for better growth and developments, studies show they’re good for what (potentially may) ail us.
The long-running Framingham Heart Study from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and Boston University disclosed that men who do not take vacation for several years are 30 percent more likely to have heart attacks than those who do. The University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center conducted a survey on nearly 1,400 people and discovered that leisure pursuits – which include vacations contributed to higher positive emotional levels and less depression, not to mention lower blood pressure and smaller waistlines.
Researchers found out that the anticipation of a getaway can be more satisfying while Psychology and neuroscience Professor Dr. Leaf Van Boven at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Marketing Professor Dr. Laurence Ashworth of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, found that because future events are less certain than those in the past, merely looking forward to vacations may be more arousing than retrospection about those events.

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