Why Qantas Is Flying The Boeing 787-9 On Selected Domestic Routes

Except for east-west transcontinental flights, it has always been relatively rare to find yourself on a widebody aircraft flying domestic routes in Australia. This year, even more so. But there are always a few exceptions. Over the next month, Qantas is giving people a few opportunities to take a domestic flight on a Dreamliner.

These flights are repositioning flights back to Sydney after Qantas operates another round of repatriation flights into Darwin. The flights, operated by 787-9 aircraft, are offloading their international arrivals in Darwin due to an Australian Government decision to quarantine them at a former 3,500-bed mining camp half an hour south of Darwin.

The repatriation flights have already commenced from London and Delhi and are continuing over November. Flights from Johannesburg are planned, but the exact dates are not yet known. It is rumored but remains unconfirmed that the Johannesburg flights will also end up in Darwin.

Source: simpleflying.com

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