Winter Storm Causes Hundreds Of Flight Cancellations At MSP Airport

More than 300 flights were cancelled at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Wednesday as a winter storm pounded the Twin Cities area.

The holidays have proven to be a catalyst for COVID-19 infections around the country, with upticks occurring after each one since the pandemic started.

Despite warnings from top health officials to stay home, millions of Americans passed through U.S. airport security checkpoints over the past several days.

But with Wednesday’s winter storm, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport canceled hundreds of flights, leaving Minnesotans who were looking to escape scrambling to re-book.

According to flight tracking data from, 110 flights were delayed at MSP Airport Wednesday and 302 others have been cancelled.

Wednesday afternoon, the storm created a frenzy of people both inside and outside MSP Airport. Outside, crews worked to clear the snow while people inside were reacting to cancellations and trying to figure out their next moves.

Airport officials said at least 300 flights were canceled Wednesday with more than 40 delays. After 6:30 p.m., every flight was canceled and the airport was quiet, even by pandemic standards.

“Depending on weather and what happens tomorrow, we may or may not fly Delta, and we may just leave our Delta credit and find some other way to get to some place warm,” Ellen Modenhauer said.

“Flights got delayed and then canceled, and then delayed until tomorrow, so just trying to get home for Christmas,” Nic Karnowskn added.

Unfortunately, with the weather-related cancellations, travelers aren’t eligible for a cash refund. However, with the pandemic, most airlines are offering vouchers without change fees so travelers can always ask for that option, if they choose to not get on a different flig

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