World’s Largest Plane Due To Fly To China And Poland This Weekend

The world’s largest aircraft will operate a special flight from China to Poland this weekend. A corporation, KGHM, has chartered the aircraft to bring medical supplies into Poland to support the country’s effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Details of the operation

In a statement posted on Twitter, KGHM announced that the massive Antonov An-225 will fly into Poland with seven million masks and hundreds of thousands of personal protective equipment items to Poland. KGHM is a Polish company specializing in copper and silver mining.

Medical aid flights

Over the past few months, cargo and passenger aircraft have been marshaled to bring in millions of masks and tons of other medical equipment. From China, the coronavirus has spread and is now ravaging many countries across Europe including Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and Poland.

On April 1st, a Russian Air Force An-124– a little cousin to the An-225– flew in medical supplies to help bring in thousands of pounds of medical equipment to New York City.

Russian flight aid
A Russian Air Force An-124 brought in medical supplies to New York City. Photo: Getty Images

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a significant strain on healthcare workers across the world. It has led to panic, fear, and a shortage of key medical equipment. As a result, airlines have rallied to ferry supplies as needed in order to assist efforts. For many carriers, these supply operations have proven to be some of the few routes that can still operate and earn some income.

Qatar Airways, Boeing 747, Freight
Qatar Airways flew 50,000 tons of medical aid in March. Photo: Getty Images

The Antonov An-225

This aircraft receives a lot of attention as the world’s largest aircraft. The An-225 is larger than the well-known (and well-loved) Airbus A380. The aircraft offers a maximum payload of 250,000 kilograms (or 551,155 pounds) according to Antonov Airlines– the operator of the massive aircraft

For avgeeks, this aircraft is a sight to see. Flying for the first time in 1988, the manufacturer actually only built one of this type of aircraft. As a result, for many people, arriving in any city is a rare and special occaision not to be missed. However, given the current situation, it is best to stay home and track it via an online software.

Normally, this aircraft is a sight to see, but, given the current situation, avgeeks best stay home and track it online. Photo: Antonov Airlines


Polish mining company, KGHM, has chartered the Antonov An-225 to fly in medical supplies from China to Poland. The world’s largest aircraft will fly millions of face masks and other personal protective equipment to Poland to support the effort against COVID-19.

While this would normally be an amazing sight to see and would attract a number of private citizens to photograph the arrival or departure, it is best for people to stay home and prevent the spread of the virus.


Source: Simple Flying

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